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Explorer Panther 320 Jet RIB

SKU: Explorer Panther 320 Jet RIB
$41,499.00 $34,999.00
Weight : 281kgs
Beam : 1.73m
Max Capacity : 3
Max Hp : 115hp
Length : 3.20m

Explorer NZ team have over 25 years industry experience in the design and manufacturing ofRigid Inflatable  Craft for recreational and commercial applications. Through this experience they are leaders in the use of composite technology to produce extremely strong light weight and efficient water craft.

Explorer NZ's real point of difference however lies in its range on inflatables smaller than 4.3m and fitted with water-jet propulsion systems - marinised engines matched with water-jet drive units that the company designs and builds  in house.

The Panther 320 is the ultimate luxury sports tender. Compact and easy to handle on your own and featuring top end performance and premium quality in every way! This tender boat is a must for any fashion conscious boater.

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  • 115hp 1300cc EFI 4 stroke engine (marinised Toyota engine)
  • 6 inch stainless steel water jet pump
  • Integral composite intake unit
  • Navigation lights
  • Digital gauges with GPS
  • Composite reverse bucket
  • Keyless ignition
  • 15 degree GRP composite hull
  • 3 chamber Hypalon tube
  • Full internal GRP liner
  • Raised Anchor locker
  • 27ltr under floor fuel tank
  • Easy access battery compartment
  • Under floor cable ducting
  • Deck drain with Automotic bilge pump
  • Teak deck inlay