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Bravo 12V Boat Inflator-Deflator

SKU: Bravo 12V Boat Inflator/Deflator
$379.00 $299.00

The Bravo 12 volt inflator/deflator is designed to inflate and deflate your inflatable boat to full working pressure unlike most other 12 volt pumps which only put the volume of air in and a manual pump is needed to top it up to the correct 3.5 psi running pressure.

Fitted with a gauge this pump automatically cuts out when the required pressure is reached.

Top quality 12v inflator made in Italy.

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  • Inflates at approximately 150 litres per minute
  • Maximum pressure 4.4 psi
  • Adjustable pressure gauge selector
  • 9 amp power consumption
  • Alligator battery clips
  • Supplied with universal valve adaptor
  • Made in Italy