Sea to Summit Xt Cart
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Sea to Summit Xt Cart

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The XT Cart from Sea to Summit is the best sit inside kayak trolley that I have ever used.  Stand up paddle boards (SUPs) can be transported with the XT SUP Cart which has only one difference from the XT Cart described here. It comes with a suction cupped handle which you can fix to the front of your SUP to help you tow it along.




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  • a chassis made from engineering standard plastic and stainless steel screws which is capable of carrying up to 70 kilograms in weight
  • wheels made from puncture proof fibreglass reinforced nylon with thermoplastic rubber (TPR) running strips to reduce rolling noise on hard surfaces and and improve traction
  • parallel rails with TPR contact points to cradle your craft and prevent sideways and lengthways slippage
  • a high quality 38mm UV stabilised adjustable polyester strap to hold your craft firmly in place
  • a swing out kickstand to hold the XT Cart upright while you load your craft onto it.