5 Nifty Inflatable Boat Accessories You Must Have!

Akash Shakya
18 Feb , 2020

When you’re exploring the great outdoors on your inflatable boat, you need to bring a whole lot of gear with you: motor batteries, fuel tank, anchor system, electric air pump, repair kit, first aid kit, just to name a few. All of these are essential inflatable boat parts and accessories for sure, but there are a few other things that you might not have thought of bringing that can make your boating experience a whole lot better!

There are a plethora of great new inflatable boat accessories available today that are not only very useful but can significantly improve your boating experience. Be it in securing your gear, maximising your boat space or making your boating experience a lot more fun, here are five nifty inflatable accessories you’ve got to have on your next boating trip:

  1. Boat wheels - Now you may or may not already have these, but for those of you who still don’t have them, you need to get them right now! Heavy duty boat wheels are essential for moving your inflatable boat just about anywhere. Sure, you could just drag your boat around, but this will significantly reduce the lifespan of its floorboard. Boat wheels allow you to move your boat around easily and effortlessly even on rough terrain. And when no longer in use, you can simply lift them up.
  2. Drink Holder - When the weather’s cold there’s nothing quite like a hot drink to get your blood flowing-- or a cold drink to refresh you on a hot day! Make sure your beverage of choice is never more than an arm’s length away while you’re on your boat with a nifty attachable drink holder! This simple accessory may not seem like much, but once you’ve had it you won’t be able to imagine boating without it! It’s useful not just for holding your drinks-- you can also use it to conveniently hold other small items like bait, hooks and gadgets.
  3. Bow Bag - With all the things you have to bring with you on your boat, having an extra and secure storage space would be an awesome and very welcome addition. A bow bag is perfectly fit for this. It securely attaches to the bow of the boat, giving you extra storage space and making use of that wasted space in the very bow of the boat.
  4. Water resistant storage case - Wondering where to place your phone and keys in a small boat without losing them or getting them wet? A water resistant storage case is the answer. The ActiveSafe is one such container. It’s watertight and floats, and can be secured to your boat using a puck mounting solution.
  5. Portable watersports stereo - Last but certainly not least, is one accessory that’s sure to liven up any boating activity. Fusion StereoActive is the world’s first portable watersports stereo, and is specially engineered to produce high quality sound even in the ruggedness of the waters and great outdoors. With its unique Fusion Puck mounting system it can securely attach to any dinghy, paddle board, kayak or canoe. Its IPX7 waterproof protection case not only keeps it totally dry, but will also allow it to float! Now you can enjoy listening to your favourite tunes with every outdoor water adventure!

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