Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding For Fitness: What Are The Benefits?

Akash Shakya
18 Feb , 2020

Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding is so much more than just another outdoor recreational activity, or a stepping stone to surfing. Did you know that it can give you just as much of a workout as jogging, cycling or swimming? It could even provide you with many other health benefits that these other exercises cannot!

If you’ve been looking for a fun activity that can get you in great shape, stand up paddle boarding may just be the way to go. No matter what your age, weight or fitness level, you can easily get started paddle boarding, and paddle your way to a healthier, fitter you!

Stand Up Paddle Board Exercise Benefits

To gain health benefits from stand up paddle boarding, you need not be an expert at it or get competitive with it. Just starting out slow on placid waters can give you some really great benefits already:

1. Boosts Your Balance – It’s no secret that you have to maintain your balance on a paddle board. With just the board beneath your feet on wobbly waters, it can be a bit of a challenge at first to keep your balance, but it’s also part of what makes it so fun! It’s also very beneficial: keeping your balance requires core strength and stability, as well as leg strength. It also keeps you focussed, as your entire body has to stay coordinated in order to maintain balance. This exercise in focus and balance can extend to your other everyday activities, helping you to perform them better.

2. Strengthens Joints - SUP boarding is a low-impact exercise, meaning it does not put pressure on your tendons and ligaments, but instead strengthens them in the process of trying to keep your balance. This is particularly beneficial for athletes recovering from joint pain or injuries, as they can still get a full-body workout without inflicting further damage to their body.

3. Full Body Workout - That’s right, believe it or not a stand up paddle board exercise offers a full-body workout. How is this possible when you’re just standing, you ask? Because of the balance required on a SUP board, your legs and core are always working hard to keep you centred and stable; while your arms, shoulders and back are paddling to propel you on the water.

4. Reduces Stress - Surrounded by calm waters, cool breezes and the sound of gentle trickling as you row, stand up paddling can no doubt calm your mind and melt away your stress. The oneness you feel with nature, not to mention the sensation of walking on water all add up to the soothing and calming effect of SUP boarding.

5. Improves Cardiovascular Health - Once you get the hang of it, you can start paddling much further and faster and get a real cardio workout. You could even race with your friends to make it more challenging, exciting and enjoyable, all while getting your heart rate and heart health up! With increased intensity SUP boaring can boost your cardiovascular health and lower your risk for stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

6. Helps You to Lose Weight - If weight loss is your ultimate goal, paddling could be one of the ways you can achieve that. With all the calories burned and the muscles you work from paddling, it can certainly be a fun way to achieve the weight you want!

7. Increases Strength and Stamina - After your first few tries at paddling, you’ll probably notice your body getting sore. This is natural and a good thing, because it means you’re building up strength. As you continue eventually the soreness will disappear and you’ll feel your muscles aren’t getting as tired as they used to. This means your strength and endurance are definitely increasing.

What more could you want from a workout? Go buy a stand up paddle board now and start reaping all these health benefits while enjoying the great outdoors!

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