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Aqua Rack Kayak and Canoe Wall Mount

SKU: Aqua Rack Kayak Canoe Wall Mount-Large

AquaRacks offer the simplest strongest and most versatile storage system on the market today. Designed by paddlers to accommodate almost any type of paddling craft AquaRacks provide a safe convenient solution for storage.

AquaRacks® can be placed at different spans allowing any size craft to be stored at the strongest part of its hull and supports the load evenly creating no pressure points.

This helps prevent damage to the hulls finish and overall structure of the craft especially with plastics. The specially padded arms also prevent damage when loading or unloading.

Available in 2 sizes - Small for single kayaks and Standard for larger single kayaks/double kayaks and canoes.

The Standard size is far more popular.


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  • Allows your paddle craft to be stored at any angle
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Supports up to 80kg