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Avator 7.5e (In stock)

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What if every journey began with the push of a button? Where would you go?

With the Mercury Avator 7.5e electric outboard, all you need is a destination. Its portable design and quick-connect battery will have you ready for the water, no matter where adventure takes you. Avator is intelligent, all-electric propulsion, designed to make exploring effortless. Let your journey begin with Mercury Avator.

The Mercury Avator 7.5e electric outboard delivers clean, quiet power that’s as simple to use as it is fun to drive.

Available in tiller and remote steer models, it features a quick-connect battery and intuitive controls that make setup and operation a breeze. And with advanced displays and other technologies that monitor your battery level and range, you can explore the water with confidence.

Just grab the controls and point the bow toward adventure. Avator makes getting there effortless.

Industry-first transverse flux motor technology delivers reliable, quiet power to get you where you’re going. The motor generates high torque with little effort, maximizing battery life and range while contributing to faster 0-4 mph acceleration and greater system efficiency than similar competitive electric outboards.

The Avator 7.5e outboard produces 750W of power at the prop shaft, while capable of speed and acceleration similar to that of a 3.5hp four-stroke combustion outboard.

Available in Short shaft (15"), Long Shaft (20") or Extra long shaft (25")

Avator Advantage

Smooth Performance: Precision tuning and vibration-isolating components help ensure your ride is remarkably quiet and smooth, keeping you better connected with nature.

Corrosion Resistance: Every Avator outboard is engineered with proven corrosion-preventive materials and coatings also used on our internal combustion outboards, so you can boat confidently in freshwater or saltwater.

Easy Storage and Transport: With no fuel and no fumes, an Avator outboard is convenient to store at home or on a larger boat. The quick-connect bracket enhances portability, allowing you to install the tiller model in a snap.

Sustainability: Avator outboards transform the boating experience by making boating possible with no exhaust fumes and zero direct emissions.

Warranty: We’re so confident in the quality of Mercury Avator outboards that we back them with a three-year corrosion warranty in addition to the three-year limited warranty, which also extends to the controls and rigging. Avator batteries and charging accessories come with two years of limited factory warranty.


Input Power
  • 916W
Rated Prop Shaft Power
  • 750W
Rated Voltage
  • 48
  • Integrated 1kWh
Battery Type
  • Li-Ion
Battery IP Rating
  • IP67
  • 230W fast charger
Total Weight (Excluding Battery & Transom Bracket)
  • 16.7 kgs
Total Weight Excluding Battery
  • 19.5 kgs
Battery Weight (1kWh)
  • 7.6 kgs
  • Tiller Steer
Shaft length
  • 15" / 381 mm
  • 20" / 508 mm
  • 25" / 635 mm
Standard Propeller
  • 12.7 x 7P


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    Quick-Connect Battery and 230w Fast Charger

    The 1 kWh lithium-ion battery has no cables to connect. It slides into place under the flip-up top cowl, saving you valuable space within the boat. Need to go even farther? No problem. You can bring along an available spare battery that swaps into place in seconds


    Multi-Purpose Tiller Handle

    The Avator tiller was designed to let anyone take the helm with confidence. It adjusts up, down, left or right for comfortable steering from any position or with either hand, and it folds down to become a convenient carrying handle


    Digital Power & Shift Controls

    For console boats, Digital Power & Shift remote controls deliver instant responsiveness, with no hesitation. Controls are available in three styles to fit a range of center- and side-console mounting positions


    Strong Transverse Flux Motor

    With industry-first transverse flux motor technology, the Avator 7.5e outboard delivers 750W of power at the prop shaft. The motor generates high torque with little effort, maximizing battery life and range while providing quick, efficient performance


    High-Efficiency Prop

    Available in three pitches, the Avator prop is crafted of a high-strength, impact-resistant composite material. Its three-blade design maximizes thrust for longer battery life with minimal noise and vibration