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Active Heavy Duty Boat Wheels

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Make life easier with a set of Active Boat wheels fitted to your aluminium or inflatable boat.

The wheels are fitted permanently to the transom and can be used wherever your boat may go which make them ideal for travelling over sand, rocks, boat ramps etc.

Suitable for boats weighing up to 250kgs (Including motor)

Note - Mounting hardware not included.


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  • Made entirely of non corrosive metal such as aluminium, stainless steel, nylon and polythene
  • Each wheel is 130mm (5 inches) wide. This gives a total of 260mm (10 inches) ground cover which makes manoeuvring over rough terrain very simple
  • The unique locking handle which simply turns anti-clockwise to unlock and clockwise to lock the wheel in the up or down position
  • The wheels can be easily raised and lowered from within the boat
  • Recommended maximum load per wheel is 125kg
  • Mounting hardware not included