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Mercury Lubricants

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Boating is not often thought of as a harsh environment. Just stop and think about it. Marine engines can and are often used for extended periods at wide-open throttle (up to 6400rpm on some models) in harsh saltwater and full UV sunlight environments. Then sit in storage over the off-season in some cases without any use.

With that in mind all Mercury Oils and Lubricants are specifically engineered for the unique needs of marine engines and rigorously tested to meet our high standards. So you can get the most out of your engine while having total peace of mind that your engine is being protected.

Exactly what you should expect from the only marine manufacturer 100% focused on the marine industry for over 70 continuous years.

Lubricants only available in store. We stock 2-stroke oil, Direct injection DFI oil and 4-stroke oils along with Gear Lube, steering fluids etc etc. Other products available on request