PVC adhesive
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PVC adhesive

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High quality adhesive for all PVC inflatable boats. 30ml tube

PVC Repair Instructions

To complete the repair you will need –

Adhesive masking tape scissors pencil small paint brush mixing pot acetone clean rag hot air gun or hair dryer spoon

  1. Cut patch to appropriate size and round off corners. The patch should cover the hole by at least 25mm in every direction
  2. Use a pencil to trace the patch on the surface of the boat
  3. Tape around the outside of the pencil line using masking tape
  4. Clean all surfaces with acetone
  5. Apply a thin coat of adhesive to the boat and the patch
  6. Leave the adhesive for 10 to 15 minutes and then apply a second coat
  7. Wait another 5 to 10 minutes and then heat all surfaces with a hairdryer or hot air gun to reactivate the adhesive
  8. Carefully apply the patch and rub into position with any hard item. A spoon is a good option
  9. Remove the masking tape and clean any excess glue with acetone
  • You should not attempt to repair the boat in direct sunlight or in humid conditions
  • For best results leave the boat deflated for 24hrs. You could partially inflate the boat after 3 hours in an emergency
  • We recommend the boat be inspected professionally if the cut is larger than 60mm or structurally affected


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