Sea To Summit  Large Traveller Soft Racks
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Sea To Summit Large Traveller Soft Racks

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Maybe your vehicle doesn’t have a permanent roof rack? Or you’re traveling, and you don’t want to pay extra to rent a vehicle with one attached.

Our Traveller Soft Racks are a quick and easy way to get your sporting equipment on the roof and off to your favorite destination.

DIMENSIONS :  110 x 19 x 8 cm 

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  • Three step quick fit system
  • Strong removable daisy chain gives multiple tie-down points
  • Heavy die-cast cam buckle
  • Wide footprint to disperse the load on the roof
  • Grippy base reduces rack movement for a more secure load


    • If transporting a boat, always run a line from the bow to the towing hook under the front bumper (or the bumper itself). For extra security, run a line from the stern to the rear bumper.
    • The straps will wick water inside the car in the event of precipitation, so it's recommended to remove them if there's a chance of rain.
    • Do not leave the foam units on the roof of a vehicle for extended periods if the vehicle is in direct sunlight: the foam units may damage the clear coat upon removal.